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Beat Winter colds and chills

Posted on 25 June, 2019 at 6:40 Comments comments (3)

The use of Thyme oil

Thyme is a remarkably helpful oil - here is how you can harness its powerful antiseptic and restorative qualities to improve your health.

So I was hit with Pharyngitis this past week as Winter firmly takes hold, I personally cannot afford to take time off even with a sore throat. I who only goes to the doctor when I feel really really sick did so as I sit inthe doctors office as he examines my really red inflammed throat he gives me anti - biotics and says take these, nurofen and do plenty of throat gargling so as I wait around for my script to be made I wonder around the chemist and see all this cold and flu stuff on the shelves when I remembered that last week my son came to me saying he had a sore throat so I when through my Aromatherapy folders and smack bang a throat gargle so I grab two essential ingredients for making this throat gargle and i gave it to my son.. days followed and he never came back to me about his sore throat..

So to I make it again but this time for my self and god knows I wished I had remembered it sooner. Within say half hour to an hour my throat felt numb like when you take those throat Lozengers which in this case those Lozengers did not work for me. And here at Willowflairnaturalproducts.com.au we strive to help those in need and do share some remedies for free.

Here below you will find the recipe for the Amazing throat gargle that I found really helped for my son and myself

Thyme is essential for treating respiratory infections. Add to a chest rub and steam inhalation.

to chase away those winter colds.

Sore Throat Gargle

For rapid relief from the misery of a sore throat, gargle three times a day with three drops of Thyme and three drops of Clary Sage in a glass of warm water. DO NOT SWOLLOW

A steam inhalation of thyme, eucalyptus and rosemary has antiseptic properties that help fight against bacteria.

Invigorating Autumn

Posted on 28 March, 2019 at 16:10 Comments comments (0)

                                       Autumn Colours

The cool, damp, autumn air can bring chills and colds, but the glorious colours of the season will warm the heart.

                                                         Strolling through Autumn days

Instead of retreating indoors this Autumn, make the most of the crisp and warming days.

  • Autumn is an ideal time to take brisk walks, so enjoy energetic hikes in the countryside or the hills among the bright autumnal colours

The countryside has a special beauty in autumn - rolling mists of fog and the scents of wood smoke and wet leaves fill the air. Collect items on your walk such as autumn leaves and acorns, bring these inside to decorate your home.



Stress Relief and Good Sleep

Posted on 9 March, 2019 at 3:35 Comments comments (0)

THE Enchantment OF GOOD Rest.

Without rest, you would not have the capacity to work appropriately. Rest encourages you energize your batteries - physically and mentally - with the goal that you can accomplish all the more amid the day.

It additionally enables your tissues to develop and recover and rations engery. An absence of rest can trigger pressure, poor fixation and weakness.

The measure of rest required shifts from individual to individual and at various phases of life, however on a normal the vast majority need to rest for seven to eight hours every night.

Resting soundly.

Numerous individuals sooner or later in their life experience issues floating of to rest or find that they wake feeling unrefreshed.

The way to getting the most invigorating rest lies with seeing how your body's rest designs are controlled and how your condition influences your rest quality.

At that point you can find a way to accomplish a sound, standard and dependable night's rest, each night.


Having a daily schedule before you rest will mentally trigger your psyche to begin to plan for rest and will assist you with drifting off when you have to. You will figure out how to set up a night custom before sleep time to set yourself up for rest


Here I will enable you to find simple approaches to slow down in the night times, leaving the worry of the day behind.

Find unwinding works out, quieting music, alleviating drinks and hot showers with the goal that you discover less demanding to nod off rapidly.


Find how to set the phase for lay down with a commonplace custom and how to adjust this custom to suit your individual needs: for instance, setting up a smooth beverage and subsiding into a normal time to hit the hay.

Which I do each night. 



Figuring out how to impact your inner body clock will empower you to adjust your rest design. 


Track your resting designs so you can set up how much rest you need and the reason for any issues.

I prescribe a FitBit to screen your resting designs during the evening.


By controlling your presentation to light, you can support trigger rest.


Rest is fundamental to our prosperity, guaranteeing that we stay as sound and alarm as could reasonably be expected, rationally just as physically.

A decent night's rest will normally reestablish and invigorate you, however the exact purpose behind dozing still remains a riddle despite the fact that there are numerous speculations. It possibly to give us an opportunity to revive our physical and mental batteries following a bustling day.

Rest additionally seems to help our body cells to develop and recover, particularly on occasion of ailment. When we rest, we ration vitality, which implies we can recharge our stores. Some additionally trust that rest (specifically, imagining) fortifies recollections and learning.


Rest surely benefits both the body and brain.

Rest prerequisites are individual, however explore demonstrates that individuals who get a normal of seven to eight hours of rest a night are less inclined to ailments, for example, coronary illness, hypertension and colds.

They additionally experience the ill effects of pressure, nervousness and despondency. A minor two back to back evenings of upset rest will bring down readiness and physical quality.

Feel Better Bowen

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I would like to acquaint you with Kristy Kamin a certified Bowen Therapist

Kristy regularly does something amazing for me!

From the minute I strolled into her small mending room I felt loose and comfortable without precedent for quite a while.

Kristy's touch is extremely delicate for anybody experiencing Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, or any sort of distress you may have.

I exceedingly suggest Kristy Kamin in the event that you have or have not depleted every single other alternative in figuring out how to facilitate your inconvenience.

In any case, in the event that you don't trust me, by all methods attempt Kristy for yourself.

You won't be sad you gave her a shot.

Beneath you will discover Kristy's Facebook page and furthermore in the menu tabs.