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Aromatherapy Lip Balm


Protect your lips this winter with Willow Flair Natural Products® Aromatherapy Lip Balm. 


Drying winter winds can leave your lips cracked and chapped. This Aromatherapy Lip Balm will seal moisture into your lips and the essential oils will combat cold sore with their antiviral properties.

Did you know?

People notice your lips everytime you smile, so keep them looking good this winter.



Shea butter

Wheatgerm oil       ( Used as a 10% addition to other oils,

                               wheatgerm can ease eczema, psoriasis and                                           prematurely aged skin. It also slows down the                                      deterioration of mixed blends of other oils.

                                Not suitable for those with wheat or gluten                                            allergies 

Myrrh oil               ( Respiratory, and menstural disorders )

                                          Avoid in pregnancy

Grapefruit oil        ( Anxiety, depression )


Myrrh and grapefruit are anitseptic and are great for dry, chapped skin.

Wheatgerm for vitamin E. It is also a natural preservative. 


For smooth luscious lips, apply your aromatic lip balm daily,

Alerts: External use only

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