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The Goddess Range Gift Pack


Willow Flair Natural Products® The Goddess Range Gift Pack

is a very unique special blend of essential oils that will make you feel like the Goddess you are deep within just waiting to emerge.

Pack contains 

1. Goddess Lipbalm 

1. Goddess moisturiser

1. Goddess Crystal roll on perfume

1.Goddess bath bomb

All packed inside a custom made cosmetic bag.

products scents contain

Goddess Embrace

Goddess  Something Special

Goddess Perfectly Peacful

Goddess Restore


Goddess Embrace: Lavender, Patchouli,Geranium

Goddess Something Special: Clary Sage, Grapefruit,Sandlewood,Bergamot

Goddess Perfectly Peaceful: Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli

Goddess Restore: Cedarwood,Cinnamon,Lavender


Lavender - Dry skin,acne,balancing, relaxing

Patchouli - Aphrodisiac, damaged skin

Geranium - Balancing, Skin care, diuretic

Clary Sage - Stress, Hormonal problems, muscle aches

Grapefruit - Anxiety, depression

Sandlewood - Respiratory infections, insomnia

Bergamot - Quick burst of energy

Ylang Ylang - Stress and depression

Cedarwood - Dry skin, eczema, acne

Cinnamon - Nausea, digestive problems


Lavender - None

Patchouli - None

Geranium - None

Clary Sage - Avoid in Pregnancy and with Alcohole

Grapefruit - None

Sandlewood - None

Bergamot - Avoid applying to skin before sun exposure

Ylang Ylang - May irritate sensitive skin

Cedarwood - Avoid in pregnancy

Cinnamon - Inhaling can cause irritation

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