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Soy Bees Wax Aromatherapy candles 

Zodiac Scent Roller

Astrology and aromatherapy might seem to share no more in common than distant cousins. However, just like extended families, they come together flawlessly if you unite them consciously and intentionally to reach your goals, conquer your dreams and achieve the peaceful calm you get from a weekend at the spa.

Aromatherapy offers a chance to use your sense of smell to heal, focus and channel your energy effectively.

While aromatherapy helps heal negative emotions and symptoms, it also brings out your positive personality traits and strengths

So here at Willow flair we are creating the perfect scent for your zodiac.

Aromatherapy Braclets

Lavo Rock is a delightful and solid, yet permeable common volcantic stone. It's ideal for fragrant based treatment diffusing.

Basically infuse 1-2 drops of you most loved unadulterated fundamental oil onto the Lava rock. Appreciate the restorative advantages and aroma throughout the day.

 Aroma car diffusers are the ideal method to diffuse Essential oils in the vehicle without the requirement of power. 

Make a fragrant domain taking out undesirable scents without the utilization of dangerous synthetic compounds  found in vehicle revitalizers!

It opens up like a momento and contains a round felt cushion that you put your basic oil drops onto.

Clasp on to your vehicle's cooling vent and let the wind stream wrap up.